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MaxION Natural Cotton Ultra Thin Panty Liners, Lite

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MaxION Natural Cotton Ultra Thin Panty Liners, Lite

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24 ct
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    Combine the benefits of our original pure chlorine free cotton line of Natural Ultra Thin Panty Liners, with the natural powers of Silver and Tourmaline Ions, scientifically based detoxifiers that provide an added layer of protection against irritation and odor and stimulate greater well being.

    How does it work? – Think back to high school science…remember your Periodic table of Elements and the concept of negatively and positively charged particles? Silver is a naturally occurring element that has antibacterial properties and Tourmaline is a naturally occurring gemstone with the ability to elevate mood, increase energy levels and enhance immune function.

    Both Silver and Tourmaline are negatively charged ions. Harmful bacteria causing irritation and other ailments are positively charged. These oppositely charged particles attract each other and cancel each other out, creating a neutrally satisfying bacteria free environment that leaves you feeling naturally fresh, odor-free and invigorated!

    …And maybe inspired to write your chemistry teacher a thank you card for being a part of imparting this knowledge that lead to the development of this new revolutionary menstrual care technology!

    Watch this short video to learn about how to tell the difference between cotton and “cotton-like” materials used in other panty liners. Other cool features about this product to keep you feeling Soft, Safe and Natural:

    • Individually Wrapped for your carrying convenience

    • Leakage Control Channels to protect against leaks

    • Adhesive Strip on back for panty holding strength

    • Recycled Cardboard Packaging to create less waste and biodegrades easily

    • Recommended Use: Light menstrual flow, tampon backup, light incontinence and bladder control

    • Count: 24 Panty Liners

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